Latvian Dating Culture

Latvian Dating

Latvian Dating Culture

Long ago, there was no etiquette. Is it bad? It’s hard to judge. However, with the time changes the culture. With the culture change the requirements. Something may be interpreted as either morally wrong or good. Dating in Latvian culture is not something extraordinary. Still, it is something people should abide by.

Lots of people wait for a kind of guide. They want someone else to clear everything out. Society waits for ready-made rules to establish their life. Dating in Latvia still requires you some knowledge. If you want your relationship to turn to marriage, you had better read this carefully.

Be Unique

Latvian women are mostly unfamiliar with this term. The population in Latvia is arranged in the way that there are not so many men. Due to some factors, the stronger sex gave up being strong enough. They are special. Mostly, they neglect wives. That makes women feel desperate. So, show your uniqueness.

Be Serious

Marriage is a sacramental thing for Latvians. As far as something concerns family, all the other deals are less important. Latvian women are unlikely to get divorced. It is not a good idea to force them to experience such a bad condition. If you do not have serious intentions, do not even begin this affair. It will hurt Latvians a lot.

Don’t Be too Persistent

It is extremely vital not to produce pressure on girls. Latvian ladies sometimes need some space and time to think over. You have to find a golden middle. You are to show that you are interested in. On the other hand, you must not demand a quick reciprocal reaction. It is not always that Latvians get to like a man instantly. They are very sincere.

Pretending is not a quality of Latvian ladies. It is better to wait longer for passion from your partner than put up with the fact that these feelings are fake.

Be Yourself

Valentime, MatchTruly and other dating websites often hinder this. Sometimes, people expose themselves as someone who they are not. It is important to remain yourself. Latvian ladies appreciate it. Make your profile be both attractive and genuine.

These Latvian dating rules are the most important to remember. You may enrich this list with lots of others. No matter how the list looks like, you are a human. Nowadays, society forgets about this fact. This leads to another tip.

Make Your Woman Feel Equal

The weak sex does not deserve humiliation. Latvian women desire to be not worse than men. As a result, they allow their husbands to be the head of the family. Still, it is important to feel the difference. Being a head means some responsibilities. It is not about power. They are to make decisions. Those decisions should be well-thought.

Latvian Dating Culture

Latvian Dating Customs

It is commonly hard for foreigners to understand other cultures. 7 milliard people perceive reality in a different way. Latvians are not exclusion. If you think you know what to do, you are not completely right. Latvians women have some special points of view. Let’s look at some of them.

Venue of the Date

Lots of women consider it romantic to go on a date off the beaten track. No one disturbs you. Ladies want to be the center of attention. This isolation is the best way to implement this. Is that so with Latvians?

Latvian culture is a unique phenomenon. Latvian queens prefer the first date somewhere in the public place. You may choose a restaurant, cinema, or theatre. Latvian ladies are afraid to be in seclusion with a stranger. If you do this on the first date, so do not expect the second one to happen.

Besides, Latvian women work a lot on their appearance. They want to feel that their preparation was not in vain. It is also good to give a hint of where you are going. That will help them dress appropriately. You may even present a dress. Latvian women like men with good taste. The only thing is to guess properly.

Respect Her Personal Space

Latvian women are rather reserved. They are not fans of gossiping. Actually, in some terms they are. However, it is not the thing to do on the first date. Moreover, ladies do not like discussing intimate questions.

It is advisable for men to prepare some topics. A strict taboo is a religion. Not all Latvians are religious. It is impolite to ask this. It will be a great idea to take an interest in the Latvian culture. If you show your curiosity about their traditions, women are very happy. They are ready to talk about history.

Surprise Your Woman

Latvian princesses are fond of surprises. However, it will not be bad to avoid them on the first day. You should get to know what a girl likes. Sometimes, your surprise may be disgusting or uninteresting.

If you use Valentime or VictoriaHearts websites, you are a lucky one. There is a chance to surprise your partner. You may send to them some flowers or any other present. Even a great distance does not prevent you from being a romantic. Latvian women like it. Some credits from your side will give you some points. If to consider this a game, that will contribute to your victory. As with every winner, you will get a reward. What can be better than the love of Latvian queen?

Compliment Her

Do not forget about saying nice words. It is excellent when men notice details. They should always show their attentiveness. If your beloved changed her hair-cut, you should definitely compliment this. If your partner bought something new, you should for sure compliment it.


The Latvian woman will make you happy. Make sure you make her life happy too. It does not matter whether you communicate via website or face-to-face. You have to always stick to some dating rules.

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